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This program consists of 20 LIVE hours, which are scheduled around the clock.
This program meets the NREMTs latest requirement for EMTs, and gives you all of the hours you need to recertify your NREMT.
Delivers all of your NCCP requirements and allows you to retest NREMT. A Traditional 24 hour refresher.
This program covers the Latest Requirements for the NREMR recertification in a LIVE format via web based learning and is accepted by NREMT as LIVE education: CAPCE Accredited (F-5 VILT)
Traditional 48-hour refresher that delivers all your National Component requirements. Allows you to retest NREMT AEMT and Paramedic.
Includes At Risk Populations, Culture of Safety, EMS Hygiene & Ambulance Safety (2 Hr
Includes Evidence Based Medicine, Crew Resource Management & EMS Research (2 Hr)
IIncludes Pediatric Transport & Airway Management (2 Hr)
Includes Cardiac Arrest (2 Hr)