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“I just had to write you to let you know how great your online refresher course is. I have been taking refreshers for over 20 years, and your course was the best ever. I was able to finish the course in less than 4 weeks, and I took it in 4 different states. Finally a course that you can take when and wherever you want to. It was really great to hear how different the protocols for different areas of the world are and how far ahead or behind your local services really are. All the instructors were able to keep all the students’ attention, and the feedback from fellow students really was great. Thank you for finally developing a program that allows the medic to pick the times and places where he can take his refresher when it’s great for him.”
“Love this program. Log in anytime a class is in session and away u go. TY.”
“The instructors keep it interesting, even though you aren’t in the same room, and you can’t beat the schedule. TY.”
“This was outstanding. This was my first course of this kind. It has always been distributive or classroom, but this is excellent. Thanks!”
“Every two years I have to take time off from work to take a refresher. This program saved me from losing income.”
“I take my final class and will have completed my 48 hour National Registry ALS recertification program. I really enjoyed the classes, the class times, instructors, class content, videos and the exams were clear and relevant to each topic. I highly recommended this program, plus there were students from Australia, the UK, Canada, Afghanistan, Japan and South Africa. Very impressive.”
Awesome program! The instructors are fantastic, personable, and I learn something new every class. Also, the classes are convenient and easy to work into my schedule. I definitely recommend Distance CME to anyone who needs to re-certify, prep for national registry, or just wants to expand their knowledge of EMS.
AWESOME!!!! It was so easy and I actually did learn something and refreshed my memory about things you forget!! I will be back!
“I want to thank you for an extraordinary service. I was very impressed with how easy it was to connect to all the classes. All of the instructors did an outstanding job. I have already started recommending the service to all my coworkers. I was taking the class as remediation for my NREMT test. “
“The lecture was great I always enjoy neuro and charlie had a fantastic explanation of the materials. I wish I had known some of these things earlier for trauma patients that I had before this class.
“I very much liked how the instructor keeps everyone included even though we are not in a traditional classroom setting. My microphone is broken, but I still feel like I am very much a part of a class.”
“Great idea for the people overseas. This is a lifesaver. Thanks a lot!”
“This was outstanding. This was my first course of this kind. It has always been distributive or classroom, but this is excellent. Thanks!”
“I Enjoy being able to take the courses on my time. The instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable too.”
I just wanted to say thank you, and give an update. About two weeks ago I passed my NREMT-Paramedic cognitive test and have the psychomotor exam coming up on may 30th. Distance CME is a great way to study and get the information needed to pass the test.
“Great lectures given by some of the best lecturers out there. These classes were packed with relevant and insightful information that was presented in an interesting and engaging way. I found these classes to be most helpful and informative in my given field.”
Tremendous program. I am very impressed with the information presented as well as how easy it is to take a class. Top notch instructors and unlike other refreshers I’ve taken I learned something. I totally recommend the distance cme 48hr refresher for any medic needing one as well as new medics who are preparing for national registry.
I am back for another 48 hr refresher course!! You know why?? Because of the amazing instructors, the convenience of online classrooms and even better is that I can do this at home or at work. I recommend all National registered individuals to take this course. You won’t be sorry. I’m not!!!
“VERY good refresher! the instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to follow!”
Amazing instructor. Interactive with teaching. Very descriptive in his lecture making things visual or just easier to understand for me as I am becoming a Paramedic