About Us

Distance CME from Relias provides live distance learning courses designed to provide quality and convenient education for the busy EMS professional. Our classes meet the NREMT’s requirement for live (VILT) learning — 100% online, 100% live. Most courses on the web are pre-recorded and count for no more than 10 hours toward your re-certification. At Distance CME, our Refresher Course is live and interactive, and therefore meets all didactic requirements. All 48 hours can be applied toward your National Registry re-certification. This is the ONLY place on the web where you can find a live course with true flexibility of scheduling to meet your busy schedule.

How it works: Sign up for the course. Check the calendar. Courses are offered days, nights, weekdays and weekends to accommodate all schedules and time zones. Courses are taught in short, manageable blocks. Log on and take the courses one block at a time and in any order you choose. Once you finish the modules, you are done. Print out your transcript, and submit it to the National Registry. Enrollments are good for up to 24 months or course completion, whichever comes first. Plan ahead, and enjoy completing the courses at your own pace.

Distance CME was started by a Nurse, a Physician and a Paramedic deployed with the US Army in Iraq. “My National Registry Paramedic certification was coming up on its expiration while I was deployed. There was nowhere in the desert where I could take face to face classes to meet the National Registry requirement for non-distributive education. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could take the required courses online with real-time interaction to meet those requirements? There wasn’t anyone out there who did this. So after speaking with my partners, we spent a year putting together the technology and came up with a solution. The solution is the platform we launched here on Distancecme.com.”

Why Choose Distance CME

There are plenty of companies that offer infinite opportunities to complete your continuing medical education (CME). With all those options out there, why choose Distance CME?

  • No need to travel. Your classroom is anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • You don’t need to manipulate your schedule. The modules are offered over and over again at different times. The modules will conform to your schedule, not the other way around.

  • Never grit your teeth through another boring lecture. All Distance CME presenters are subject matter experts who bring their unique life experiences to the classroom. In addition to possessing the required subject matter command, each instructor has practical “boots on the ground” experience in international deployments, military, disaster teams, critical care, research, management and other areas that add authority to their presentations.

  • Distance CME courses are all accredited and accepted just about everywhere. Check the credentialing page for details.

  • The Distance CME Online 48 Hour Paramedic Refresher Course is accepted hour for hour as a live course by the National Registry.

  • What are the educational and financial benefits to distance learning? Click Here.