In order to receive credit for each lecture and gain access to the quiz you must attend each lecture for the duration and participate at a minimum every 8-10 minutes. If you are absent or inactive for more than 10 minutes of a lecture you will not receive credit for that lecture. No exceptions. This ensures that the credit you earn is above reproach.
Only the Anytime program requires Flash, it will work from any flash enable phone, currently Apple does not support Flash on it’s Mobile devices, all of our live classes work fine on any mobile device.
The refresher course is a 48 hour course broken down into 24 two hour modules. The modules are labeled L-1 through L-24. You must complete each of the 24 modules to successfully complete the course.
You do not need to complete them in order.
You can finish as quickly as one week (depending on your schedule) or take as long as two years. You decide how long you would like to take. We run about 100+ hours a week in modules April thru October. As we get closer to the National Registry deadline of March 31 we start adding more and more modules per week. Some courses such as the 12 Lead ECG Review are only offered once per month.
Yes, if you need just a handful of hours we would suggest the Anytime program of recorded courses or our small bundles found in the “Other” folder under courses.
Yes! You can pay by e-check thru Paypal. You can also pay by PayPal or credit card and get instant access.
We track all your credits for you! After you complete each module, you will input an Attendance Verification Code (AVC) that will be unique to each class and will be given to you during the course. Once the AVC is submitted, your online transcript will automatically be credited. You can track your credits from your online transcript as you complete modules. Once the modules are completed, you can print out your transcript and submit it to National Registry, your State, or your department.
After each module your online transcript will be credited and time stamped for that specific module.When you complete the entire course you should print out the transcript right from the website. The transcript has your name, certification number, exp. date, and all of the Distance CME information including contiuing education sponsor numbers.
Yes! Even after finishing your course you will have access to your transcript using the same log in. So if you need proof of completion  you will be able to log on and print out your transcript on demand. We retain Course completion data for 3 years.
Please use the forgot password reset link found on the student sign in page.
Live courses are good until you finish or 2 years, whichever comes first. The Anytime recorded courses are available for 1 year. Other programs please see each product page.
No. You choose the schedule and the pace. Classes are offered all times of the day, including overnights and weekends in order to accommodate varying shifts and time zones. Take the classes in no particular order, as long as all the modules are eventually completed.
We are told by our accountants that since the refresher course is mandatory for retention of your professional certification, that it is in fact tax deductible. Please check with your accountant to verify whether or not this applies to your particular professional circumstances.
We are a continuing education course provider accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuning Education (CAPCE), FL OEM, TN DOH, VA OEM, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. National Registry accepts all State certified courses and all CAPCE accredited courses.
All classes are listed in Eastern Time Zone or GMT-5. If you need help figuring out the class times for your time zone, use this free online time zone conversion tool. Time converter
Before you log onto your first class we recommend that you read the welcome package and all the FAQs. You can log onto a class early and the instructor can help you with those settings. However, be mindful that if 20 students log on at the same time asking for assistance, it could be hectic. That is why we recommend trying a free demo session. We STRONGLY suggest using PC headsets. It will eliminate feedback and improve sound quality.
If you lose your connection simply log back on after your connection comes back up, as long as the connection is only down for a few minutes. Since we are required to track your attendence, you will need to be present for the course. If you lose connection for a long time, don’t worry, all the modules are offered over and over on a regular basis, and you can just complete the module another time. Our system is professionally maintained on multiple dedicated servers. While there should be no instance where the entire server goes down , as with any techincal system, there may be downtime. In the unlikely event that the server is down during or prior to a module and prohibits you from completing the module, we will post the rescheduled times on the calendar page. All the modules are prescheduled repeatedly, as well.
You will need a Windows or Apple computer with a high-speed internet connection. (DSL, cable, T1, Fios, etc.). We recommend you use a PC headset for asking questions. You can use the built in microphone in your computer, but they tend to have a lot of feedback and interference. You do not need a webcam, but you will have the option of using one to interface “face to face”. Adobe Flash Player 10.0+ is required and can be downloaded for free at Adobe Downloads. When you join a session you will be prompted to download a small Java or Active-X patch that will run the session.

The NREMT Board of Directors is committed to implementation of the EMS Education Agenda for the Future: A Systems Approach. Included within this agenda is the National EMS Scope of Practice Model. Therefore, in order for NREMTs to maintain National EMS Certification, as outlined in the EMS Education Agenda for the Future, all NREMTs must meet the minimum requirements of knowledge and skills outlined in the National EMS Scope of Practice Model. Transition dates and processes which certified EMS providers must follow to obtain National EMS Certification vary according to the level of EMS provider and are outlined below.

Current Level

  • NREMT First Responder
  • NREMT-Basic (NREMT-B)
  • NREMT-Intermediate/85 (NREMT-I/85)
  • NREMT-Intermediate/99 (NREMT-I/99)
  • NREMT-Paramedic (NREMT-P)

New Level

  • Emergency Medical Responder (NREMR)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT)
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (NRAEMT)
  • Paramedic (NRP)

We found that some of the deployed paramedics are using satellite internet, and the signal sometimes comes and goes. The signal is generally strong enough to log into the class, but may not be strong enough to hear the lecture and talk back. We have a phone call in option. Log into the classroom. If you see that your bandwidth is insufficient for the class, let the instructor know using the chat box. He will give you a US based phone number and a code. Use a cell phone or your VOIP phone and you will listen to the lecture by phone and watch the PowerPoint on your computer. If you would like to test your internet speed, click here and run a diagnostic test. You should have a consistant signal strength on a B or better.

NREMT limits the number of recorded hours you can apply towards recertification. This course, however, is 100% instructor led and 100% live. It is the same as being in the classroom with an instructor. The entire class may be submitted to National Registry in order to satisfy both the 24 hours of mandatory and 24 hours of flexible content. The refresher course is certified by CAPCE as a F5 or Virtual Instructor Led Course(VILT). Therefore NREMT accepts all the hours as a live class without the time restrictions placed on other online courses.

If you are not satisfied within 30 days of purchase and you have not taken any classes, send an email to and we will process a refund for 100% of your tuition subject to the user terms. The Anytime recorded offerings are non-refundable. Course completion credit can not be issued for courses taken if refunded.