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  • What are the attendance requirements?

    In order to receive credit for each lecture, attendees must attend classes for the duration of the event, participate via in-classroom chat and all polls to receive credit
    – no exceptions.
    This ensures that the credit you earn is above reproach.

  • Who accredits DistanceCME?

    We are a continuing education course provider accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE), FL OEM, KY BEMS, TN DOH, VA OEM, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.
    National Registry accepts all state-certified courses and all CAPCE accredited courses.

  • What time zone are the classes listed?

    All classes are listed in Eastern Time Zone or GMT-5.  You can change the timezone in your student profile simply by clicking on your profile image. If you need help figuring out the class times for your time zone, use this free online time zone conversion tool. Time converter

  • How long does it take to complete a course?

    You can finish as quickly as one week (depending on your schedule) or take as long as one year. Your enrollment is good for one year or until complete whichever comes first. You decide how long you would like to take. We run about 100+ hours a week in modules April thru October. As we get closer to the National Registry deadline of March 31st, we start adding more and more modules per week. Some courses such as the 12 Lead ECG Review are only offered once per month.

Account Management

  • Do we still need an Attendance Verification Code (AVC)?

    AVC codes are no longer needed unless you are coming to us from one of our Partner companies where you will need to input an Attendance Verification Code (AVC) to access your quiz. The AVC code will be unique to each class and will be given to you during the course.

  • How do I keep track of my CE courses?

We track all your credits for you! Once the modules are completed, you can print out your certificates and submit it to your state or the National Registry or you click “IMPORT CAPCE COURSES” in your NREMT account.

  • I forgot my user name and password. How do I get this information?

    Please use the forgot password reset link found on the student sign in page.

  • How many modules do I have to take to complete the refresher course?

     You will receive a certificate after you successfully complete each module and pass the quiz. You can complete all  modules or as many as you need. It’s entirely up to you.


  • Do I have to complete the modules in order?

    You do not need to complete them in order.

  • Can I access my prior course certificates?

    With the transition back to the original ownership team, historical certificates were not brought over but can be accessed by sending an email to admin@distancecme.com

  • Do I get a certificate and will I be able to access my certificates even after I complete the course?

    You will receive a certificate after you successfully complete each module and pass the quiz. The certificate has your name, certification number, expiration date, and all DistanceCME information including continuing education sponsor numbers.  Even after finishing your course you will have access to your certificates using the same log in. So if you need proof of completion, you will be able to log in and print your certificates on demand. We retain course completion data for 3 years.


  • How long will I have access to my course?

    Live and Recorded course enrollment period is for one year or until completed, whichever comes first. The Texas EMS Jurisprudence Course and Exam enrollment period is for 30 days.

  • I don’t need a full 48 hours for recertification. Do I need to take the entire course to get credit?

    No, you can take as many or as few modules as you would like, we give you individual certifications for each module.

  • Does DistanceCME offer skills evaluation or testing as part of the paramedic refresher course?

    NO. The paramedic refresher course is didactic only.


  • Is my purchase from DistanceCME tax deductible?

    We are told by our accountants that since the refresher course is mandatory for retention of your professional certification, that it is in fact tax deductible. Please check with your accountant to verify whether or not this applies to your particular professional circumstances.

  • Does DistanceCME accept checks?

    Yes! You can pay by e-check thru PayPal. You can also pay by card and get instant access.

  • What is your refund policy?

    If you are not satisfied within 14 days of purchase and you have not taken any classes, send an email to billing@distancecme.com and we will process a refund for 100% of your tuition, subject to the user terms. If classes have been taken, a refund will be issued less the cost of attended classes. Cost is based on $30 per class.  The Anytime EMS recorded offerings, eACLS and eCPR are non-refundable.


  • Does the NREMT accept your online class for full credit?

    The NREMT accepts CAPCE accredited courses.
    Our Live courses are accredited by CAPCE a F5 or Virtual Instructor Led Course (VILT).
    Our Recorded courses are accredited by CAPCE as F3 or Distributive.

  • Does my state accept your online class for full credit?

    Please refer to our License Requirement page and “Select Your State” to see if you state accepts our classes.

  • Is your Critical Care Transport Review program approved by the IBSC (International Board of Specialty Certification)?

    Yes, our Critical Care Transport Review program is approved by the IBSC.


  • What if I have poor internet connection?

    Poor internet connection can affect audio. If you are experiencing audio issues, we have a phone call-in option. Simply let the instructor know using the chat box and then dial a US-based phone number connect to hear the instructor. Note that credit cannot be awarded by simply listening to a class. You must be logged in and an active participant in the chat log as well as the polls – no exceptions.

  • What happens if I lose my internet connection?

    If you lose your connection simply log back on after your connection comes back up, as long as the connection is only down for a few minutes. Since we are required to track your attendance, you will need to be present for the course. If you lose connection for a longer than 10 minutes, you will need to attend the class at another time. Don’t worry, all the modules are offered over and over on a regular basis.

  • What happens if your server goes down?

    Our system is professionally maintained on multiple dedicated servers. While there should be no instance where the entire server goes down, as with any technical system, there may be downtime.  In the unlikely event that the server is down during or prior to a module and prohibits you from completing the module, we will post the rescheduled times on the calendar page.  All the modules are prescheduled repeatedly, as well.

    • Is there an app to attend a class?

      No, our classroom is browser based. Chrome is the recommended browser.