Number of Courses:  Twelve Live 2-Hour Classes
Credit Awarded:  24 Hours
Credit Type: Basic
Accredited: CAPCE (F5-VILT), CE Broker (FL, KY, TN), Pennsylvania Bureau of EMS, and Virginia Office of EMS
Enrollment Period:  One year or until completed, whichever comes first
Topics:  Covers all mandatory NREMT hours for NREMT NCCP (20 hours) plus 4 additional hour

Classes offered in convenient blocks several times a month with a varying schedule to meet your needs. Classes can be taken in any order making it even easier! Want to see when classes are offered, click here DistanceCME Course Calendar

Live Courses included:

BLS NCCP L1 – At-Risk Populations (0.5 hr), Culture of Safety (0.5 hr), EMS Hygiene (0.5), Ambulance Safety (0.5 hr)
BLS NCCP L2 – Evidence Based Medicine (0.5 hr), Crew Resource Management (1 hr), EMS Research (0.5 hr)
BLS NCCP L3 – Pediatric Transport (0.5 hr), Airway (1.5 hr)
BLS NCCP L4 – Cardiac Arrest (2 hr)
BLS NCCP L5 – Stroke (1 hr), Ventricular Assist Devices (0.5 hr), Post Resuscitation Care (0.5 hr)
BLS NCCP L6 – Pediatric Cardiac Arrest (2 hr)
BLS NCCP L7 – OB Emergencies (0.5 hr), Pain Management (0.5 hr), Special Needs (1 hr)
BLS NCCP L8 – Toxicological Emergencies – Opioids (0.5 hr), Behavioral (0.5 hr), Neurological – Seizures (0.5 hr), Special Needs (0.5 hr)
BLS NCCP L9 – Endocrine (1 hr), Immunologic (0.5 hr), Infectious Disease (0.5 hr)
BLS NCCP L10 – Trauma Triage (0.5 hr), CNS Injury (0.5 hr), Hemorrhage Control (0.5 hr), Field Triage Disaster/MCI (0.5 hr)
BLS  L11 – Team Approach (1 hr), Pharmacology (1 hr)
BLS  L12 – Terrorism Response & Disaster Management (1 hr), Environmental (1 hr)