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Although we strive to keep everything updated, please check with your state EMS Representative for the most current re-certification information.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Requirements

All Wisconsin EMT licenses expire every three years on June 30th. Wis. Admin Code ch. DHS110.07. For recertification, an application shall submit one of the following:

-Certificate of course completion of an applicable refresher course or refresher challenge examination OR
-Completion of NCCP refresher OR
-Documentation of current registration in a national certification organization OR
-Completion of the NREMT assessment exam for licensees level OR
-Completion of alternative flexible refresher training hours as listed below. Wis. Amdin Code ch. DHS110.07.

Covid – 19 Updates

In this unprecedented time, states and the NREMT are trying to update policies to keep us safe while retaining the levels of education and certification. Please check with your state to ensure you have the most up-to-date requirements.

Requirements for Paramedics:

48 hours of continuing education. DHS 110.07(1)(c)5. DistanceCME recommends this program ALS NCCP + Anytime

Requirements for Critical Care Paramedic:

72 hours (48 paramedic and 24 critical care) of continuing education. DHS 110.07(1)(c)6. DistanceCME recommends these programs Critical Care Transport Review and Anytime

Requirements for Intermediate Technician/AEMT:

42 Hours of continuing education. DHS 110.07(1)(C)3. DistanceCME recommends this program ALS NCCP + Anytime

Requirements for Intermediate EMTs:

48 hours of continuing education. DHS 110.07(1)(c)4. DistanceCME recommends this program ALS NCCP + Anytime

Requirements for EMTs:

30 hours of continuing education. DHS 110.07(1)(C)2. DistanceCME recommends this program BLS NCCP + Anytime

Requirements for EMRs:

18 hours of continuing education. DHS 110.07(1)(c)1. DistanceCME recommends this program 18 Hour NREMR Refresher

For more information visit: The Department of Health Services

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