A quick bit of EMS humor

Welcome to Thursday isms! In these videos, Scott McConnell, RN, BSN, CEN, NRP, EMS-I, and Distance CME co-founder, discusses various maxims of the EMS profession and dolls out some EMS advice. These maxims are sometimes serious, sometimes comical. But, no matter their nature, we hope you’ll find them helpful, or at least entertaining. This week’s video, however, is definitely meant to be comical, as Scott shares EMS humor from around the internet.

Top 10 lies told by paramedics

  1. I’m in it for the money. A classic piece of EMS humor. I think we all know this isn’t true.
  2. The patient refused the treatment.
  3. The gloves are for your protection. While we want to keep the patients safe, PPE is just as much for the EMS provider as it is for them.
  4. It’s the flu, not a hangover. If it’s a hangover, every EMS worth their salt will know how to quickly alleviate the symptoms.
  5. The ambulance is clean. This one really shouldn’t be a lie. Making sure your rig is clean after every call is crucial to halt the spread of disease and keeping you, your co-workers, and patients safe.
  6. It’s okay, I’ll cut along the seams. A harmless fib for those patients who seem to care more about their clothes than getting help for that injury they called about, that might also provide good EMS humor for your co-workers.
  7. I know where I’m going. Don’t worry about it if you don’t, you can just punch the address into the GPS when your co-workers aren’t looking.
  8. I did say ‘clear’ first. 
  9. This might hurt a little. Whether it’s a doctor or an EMS saying it, we all know ‘a little’ is code for ‘a lot.’
  10. It’s not my fault, he kept moving.

We hope this bit of EMS humor added some levity to your day.

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