Number of Course:  8 Recorded Courses
Credit Awarded:  3 Hours
Accredited: CAPCE (F3-Distributive), Texas DSHS
Enrollment Period:  30 days
Topics:  Designed to meet the mandatory requirements for the state of Texas as set forth by the Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

This course is 100% FREE!  The jurisprudence exam determines the knowledge of the Health & Safety Code – Ch. 773, department rules, and any other applicable laws affecting the applicant’s activities regulated by the department. This program requirement was approved by the 84th Legislative Session.

Didactic Objectives

a. HSC 773
Sec. 773.050. MINIMUM STANDARDS – Jurisprudence Exams
Sec. 773.0612. ACCESS TO RECORDS
b. 157.02 – Definitions

Meanings as used in Texas Administrative Code Rules

Administrator of Record Requirements
Minimum Staffing requirements for different levels (BLS, ALS,MICU, etc.)
Treatment and Transport Protocol requirements
Minimum Equipment requirements for different levels (BLS, ALS,MICU, etc.)
Responsibilities of the EMS Provider

d. 157.16 – EMS Provider Disciplinary Actions

Reasons for disciplinary actions
Types of disciplinary actions

e. 157.33 – Certification

Certification requirements
Certification length
Time limit on completing requirements
Responsibilities of an EMS Personnel

f. 157.34 – Recertification

Recertification requirements
Recertification Options
Late recertification

g. 157.36 – EMS Personnel Disciplinary Actions

Reasons for disciplinary actions
Types of disciplinary actions

h. 157.38 – Continuing Education

Local credentialing and authorization to practice
Types of and criteria for acceptable continuing education
Responsibilities of certified or licensed EMS personnel

i. 197.3 Off-line Medical Director

Requirements of the medical director
Education requirements
Physicians that may not be off-line medical director

j. 103 Injury Prevention and Control

Confidentiality of Records
Reporting requirements for EMS Providers