Number of Courses:  One Live 2-Hour Class
Credit Awarded:  2 Hours
Credit Type: Advanced
Accredited: IBSC, CAPCE (F5-VILT), CE Broker (FL, KY, TN), Pennsylvania Bureau of EMS, and Virginia Office of EMS
Enrollment Period:  One year or until completed, whichever comes first
Topics:   Cardiac Arrest, Cardiac

Are you in need of a few critical care hours to round out your FP-C or CCP-C recertification? Or just want something different to put towards your NRP recertification? This individual Critical Care course will meet those needs.

IBSC Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification APPROVED!

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Topics covered in this Live CCTR L15

  • Cardiac Arrest (1 hr)
  • Cardiac (1 hr)

Individual Critical Care Courses are part of the Critical Care Program. If you need more than a few hours, this program is perfect for your continuing education: Critical Care Transport Review. The Critical Care Transport program can also be used for your NREMT Recertification.