This program is a traditional 24hr NREMT-B Refresher.

This program covers the following in a LIVE format via web based learning and is accepted by the NREMT as LIVE education: CECBEMS/CAPCE Accredited F-5 VILT

  • Preparatory [1hr]
  • Airway [2hrs]
  • OB, Infants, Children [2hrs]
  • Patient Assessment [3hrs]
  • Medical/Behavioral [4hrs]
  • Trauma [4hrs]
  • Elective [8hrs]

This program is certified by the PA DOH BEMS office and approved by CAPCE Accredited F-5 VILT. CAPCE Credential number is 17-GANN-F5-0010. You can enroll at anytime and take classes in ANY ORDER!