Fit for Duty: Identifying and Managing Cumulative Stress Disorder in Organizations, Yourself, and Others

Every 4 days, a first responder in the US commits suicide. Nearly everyone has heard of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and how millions of first responders and service personnel are affected by it. What happens when we experience the same symptoms as PTSD, yet can’t point to a specific event? Cumulative Stress Disorder (CSD) is difficult to spot. It is the result of small-scale events continually building upon each other.

The Fit for Duty webinar reviews:

  • Real-life stories and an overview of Cumulative Stress Disorder; what it is and the impact it has on EMS providers
  • Signs to look for in yourself, your colleagues, and your providers
  • Tools you can use and resources to implement to help yourself, your colleagues, and your providers
  • A helpful Q&A providing answers to some of CSD’s most-sensitive questions

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Author James Boomhower, BS, FP-C, NR-P, C-NPT

James Boomhower, BS, FP-C, NR-P, C-NPT has been involved in EMS throughout New England for 15 years. He is currently a Critical Care Transport Specialist-Paramedic, and Peer Support Coordinator with Boston MedFlight in Bedford, Massachusetts. James is also a Peer Supporter for ECHO FAST and Lead Instructor for DistanceCMEs online continuing education programs. James’ vision is to promote recognition, management, and acceptance of acute stress in EMS providers throughout the world.

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