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Although we strive to keep everything updated, please check with your state EMS Representative for the most current re-certification information.

New York State Bureau of Emergency Medical Services Requirements

New York licensees must renew every 3 years. 10NYCRR Part 800.13(a)(1).

Covid – 19 Updates

In this unprecedented time, states and the NREMT are trying to update policies to keep us safe while retaining the levels of education and certification. Please check with your state to ensure you have the most up-to-date requirements.

Requirements for Paramedics:

48 hours every 3 years. 10NYCRR Part 800.9(2).

Requirements for EMT-Critical Care:

36 hours every 3 years. 10NYCRR Part 800.9(2).

Requirements for Advanced EMT (AEMT):

40 hours every 3 years. 10NYCRR Part 800.9(2).

Requirements for EMT:

26 hour every 3 years. 10NYCRR Part 800.9(2).

A. Distributive Learning and Podcasting; (This would be our Anytime programs)

1. Distributive Learning is considered by Bureau of EMS as a classroom-based

education tool and not a method of self-study.

2. Distributive learning allows Course Sponsors, instructors, students and educational

content to be located in different, non-centralized locations so that instruction and

learning may occur independently with spontaneous real time two-way communications

between instructor, and student.

3. Refer to the current Bureau of EMS policy statement and Course Sponsor’s

Administrative Manual for distributive learning and podcasting course requirements

B. Online Internet Learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Self-

Study (Our Live courses)

1. Online Internet Learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS) for CME

recertification is becoming one of the most common methods to obtain self-study CMEs

and retain accurate records of a participant’s education history.

2. Numerous internet sites related to EMS offer online education programs. Many are

now paired with LMS tools used to document, track and organize a participant’s CME


3. Online CME training is limited to 50% of the total CME hours, required by the

program, when a participant uses them as self-study.

a) To utilize online education programs for 100% self-study education

the program must be administered by the agency, and/or the affiliate

course sponsor and approved by the Bureau of EMS prior to the start of

the program.

b) An individual CME participant who is not registered with an agency

approved to utilize 100% online education will be denied recertification for

exceeding the maximum allowable CME hours for self-study.

4. Agencies offering more than 50% online CME content to its members/employees

must receive approval by the Bureau of EMS Central Office.

a) Agencies must provide the following information prior to approval of

online CME content beyond 50%:

(1) detail of the online program administration must be included in

the agency policies and procedures;

(2) the agency must provide information for the online program

vendor to the Bureau of EMS for review and approval;

(3) the agency policies and procedures must detail the security of

online content, including controlling access to records; and

(4) the agency policies and procedures must include details on how

a participant gains access to utilize the program;

(5) the agency policies and procedures must describe tracking of

online CME activities, and offline activities including skills;

(6) the agency policies and procedures must describe how training

records are maintained online including how and where the LMS

information is backed up.

5. All skills competency reviews must be hands-on. No online skills practice can be

applied towards CME recertification.

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