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Distance CME by OnCourse Learning offers continuing education courses that are nationally accredited by CECBEMS/CAPCE and the PA DOH BEMS. In addition, Distance CME is accepted by the National Registry as an F-5 VILT course, and are accepted hour for hour. Take the entire 48-hour refresher, 24-hour Refresher, NCCP/NCCR, or Critical Care courses 100% online and your hours count just like they would if you were sitting in a classroom in front of an instructor. Eliminate travel and sitting in classes taking time off from work.

Although we strive to keep everything updated Please check with your state EMS Representative for the most current re-certification information.

Missouri Bureau of Emergency Medical Services Requirements

Missouri licensees must renew every 5 years. 19 CSR 30-40.342.  For recertification, an application shall submit one of the following:
            -Documentation of current registration by the National Registry OR
            -Completion of continuing education hours as listed below. 19 CSR 30-40.342.
National Continued Competency Program (NCCP) to maintain NREMT certification and Missouri
state licenses.

Requirements for Paramedics:

144 hours of continuing education to include 96 hours of core requirements and 48 hours of EMS related programs every 5 years. 19 CSR 30-40.342(4)(B)(2)(A). Distance CME recomends this program Refresher

Requirements for EMTs:

100 hours of continuing education to include 48 hours of core continuing education training and 52 hours of EMS related elective hours every 5 years.  19 CSR 30-40.342(2)(C)(2)(A). Distance CME recomends this program Refresher

For more information visit: The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

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