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Author James Boomhower, BS, FP-C, NR-P, C-NPT

About James Boomhower, BS, FP-C, NR-P, C-NPT

James Boomhower, BS, FP-C, NR-P, C-NPT, has been involved in EMS for nearly 15 years in a variety of health systems throughout New England. He currently functions in the role of Critical Care Transport Specialist-Paramedic/ Lead Peer Support Director with Boston Medflight of Bedford, Massachusetts and Crisis and Peer supporter for the ECHO FAST team. James’ passion for EMS education is realized through his position as an instructor for Distance CME’s online continuing education program. His desire to bring mental health awareness to the EMS arena has spurred him to create the Fit for Duty platform as well as work to implement a peer support program in his workplace. James is working to realize his goal of promoting recognition, management and acceptance of acute stress in EMS providers throughout the world.

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PTSD in first responders affects us all differently

By |2021-03-18T09:49:28-04:00July 23rd, 2018|Categories: EMS mental health|

The difficulty with PTSD in first responders is that it’s hard to spot. It’s easy to hear about a mass casualty incident, an active shooter or any number of large-scale, high-visibility incidents and think, “Wow, someone should check on those providers.” But PTSD is different for everyone and people need help might not be getting it.