At Distance CME, we are constantly growing. We know you’re focused on those in need in your communities – and our focus is to support you.

We’re excited to announce our new Learning Management System (LMS), which is easier to use and more intuitive. We also offer new courses and bundles to make getting the education you need and want easier.

Here are some Distance CME changes to look out for in 2020:

  • New courses that meet your states changing regulations
  • Better classroom and LMS Integration
  • Easier to navigate calendar
  • For corporations, a host of compliance courses
  • For providers, more courses to enrich you as a professional

As Emergency Medical Services continues to evolve, we recognize that we need to change, too. Some of these new topics include:

  • Cultural Competences
  • Ergonomics
  • HIPAA and you
  • AHA Courses coming!

Rely on the leader in EMS education. Distance CME is:

  • First to be nationally credentialed by CAPCE as an F-5 Provider
  • First to offer courses around the clock
  • First to offer 700 plus hours of education each month
  • First community paramedic CEUs
  • Only community paramedic program accredited by IBSC
  • We hold accreditations from CAPCE,, PA DOH BEMS,, CeBroker, IBSC, and are accepted in every state. Plus, over 20,000 providers have used us so far!

Enhancing your experience every day because we are EMS Providers

Every feature improvement we do is 100% for you because it improves your experience with us — and we want your education to be the least stressful part of your job.


Define your workforce, easily assign training by subgroup and enhance communication with your staff.


  • Better tracking of tickets
  • Easily reach out to us via several methods including texts, emails and push notifications


  • Ease new employees’ transition to your workforce
  • Send text messages with emoji-based responses
  • Ability for a new employees to reach out to a supervisor if they need help
  • Monitor engagement through dashboard access


  • 8-week automated mentor program to drive employee retention
  • 3-5 minute mobile videos to help mentors develop trust with their mentees
  • Research-based guidance about how to create a productive mentor/mentee relationship

How Do We Stack up
Live Classes 400 classes/month 37 classes/month 2 classes/month
Convenience 24 hours/day
7 days/week
365 days/year
10 am – 10pm
Monday – Friday
*Limited nights and
8 am – 5 pm
Size Unlimited with
moderated support.
50 seats N/A