Scott McConnell, RN, BSN, CEN, NRP, EMS-I, has worked in EMS for a long time. Over his career he’s gathered some useful knowledge. In this video, Scott shares some tips and tricks he’s learned over his EMS career. We hope you find these useful!

EMS tips and tricks

EMS tip 1: how to fix the stretcher when it goes off track. Remember the function of all three sets of wheels. The first is guide, the second is to lock on the track, and the third has the handles for you. When you’re putting the stretcher into the ambulance and it’s not locked in to the proper track, push down on your end slightly so the front wheels are lifted off the floor of the ambulance. You can now move the stretcher to the left or the right until you get it properly locked into place.

EMS tip 2: To make intubations easier, hold the corner of the blade and handle, rather than just gripping the handle. This gives you better control and makes it easier to lift up when you need to.

EMS tip 3: When you perform an intubation take a moment to breath and collect all the necessary equipment. Once you’ve started to intubate you won’t be able to take this time to collect yourself or run across the ambulance to grab a piece of gear you need. Make you’re in the right head space and you have all the equipment you need within arms reach.

EMS tip 4: When intubating a patient, putting a small padding of some kind behind their head can make it easier to align the axes and provide additional comfort to the patient.

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