Scott McConnell, RN, BSN, CEN, NRP, EMS-I, has worked in EMS for a long time. Over his 25+ year career he’s gathered some useful knowledge. In this video, Scott goes over some tips and tricks he’s learned over his EMS career. In this week’s EMS tips and tricks, Scott covers recommendations on two types of EMS equipment: commercial tourniquets and the trach wedge. We hope you find Scott’s recommendations in this video interesting and helpful!

EMS tips and tricks

EMS equipment tip 1: carry more than one commercial tourniquet. Scott recommended carrying four. Why? When you’re dealing with a patient who is bleeding from more than one extremity, if you only have one tourniquet, you won’t be able to save your patient. Carrying four commercial tourniquets will allow you to apply a tourniquet to every limb a patient has. Hopefully you won’t encounter a situation where you have to tourniquet four limbs on one person, but it’s better to come prepared.

EMS equipment tip 2: carry trach wedge or two with you while you work. Trach wedges are handy little devices for every EMS professional. When you’re working with a ventilator system, moisture from the patient often builds up in the connector tubes. So, when you go to switch a patient from a hospital ventilator to your own, or vice versa, you may have a hard time removing the tubing. That’s where the trach wedge comes in. Simply slide the wedge where the tubing and the ventilator meet, and the tubing will pop off much easier.

Thanks for tuning into this edition of EMS tips and tricks with Scott!

If you want to learn more about using a tourniquet, Scott created a great video on using an interesting piece of EMS equipment, the SAM XT Extremity tourniquet. Have a look!