Scott McConnell, RN, BSN, CEN, NRP, EMS-I, has worked in EMS for a long time. Over his career he’s gathered some useful knowledge. In this video, Scott shares some tips and tricks he’s learned over his EMS career. We hope you find these useful!

Below, we have written out a quick article to accompany Scott’s EMS tips and tricks video. If you like these tips and tricks, pass them on to a colleague – these bits of information are great for all EMS providers, no matter how green or seasoned they may be.

3 quick EMS tips and tricks

EMS tip number one: carry two pens with you at all times. This way, you can have a pen just for the patients and their families, and you can have a pen just for you. This way, if one of your pens decides to get up and walk off, you know you have a backup.

EMS tip number two: carry a role of tape in your pocket. Tape is one of the more handy pieces of equipment while in the field. You can never go wrong with a role of tape.

EMS tip number three: hold the patient’s hand. We saved the best for last here. Out of all the treatment you know how to administer, from intubation to applying a tourniquet, simply holding a patient’s hand can be the most comforting. This simple act can let the patient know another human sees their pain and their worry and is doing everything they can to alleviate it.

While these tips and tricks may not seem like much, they come from knowledge gathered through years of experience in the field. Thanks very much for tuning in.

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