Welcome to Thursday isms! In these videos, Scott McConnell, RN, BSN, CEN, NRP, EMS-I, and Distance CME co-founder, discusses various maxims of the EMS profession and dolls out some EMS advice. These maxims are sometimes serious, sometimes comical. But, no matter their nature, we hope you’ll find them helpful, or at least entertaining.

EMS advice from Thursday isms

In this week’s video, Scott reviewed advice submitted by Distance CME instructors. These instructors have gleaned these nuggets of EMS wisdom through their long careers in the field. Let’s review a few of these pieces of EMS advice a little further

EMS advice 1: if the patient looks sick, the patient is sick. While this may seem like commonsense, it’s an import bit of EMS advice to keep in mind while on a call. Calls don’t always go the way you’d like. And the way patients present isn’t always textbook. Through it all, just remember you are there to help the patient. And, don’t forget, if the patient looks sick, the patient is sick.

EMS advice 2: if the patient removes the equipment you’re using, they probably did not need it. Again, this seems like commonsense. But, it’s a good warning for all EMS. Make sure your diagnosis is correct before administering defibrillation, intubation, and other serious or invasive procedures. If you perform one of the procedures when the patient doesn’t need it, things will not go well.

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