Welcome to this week’s Minute reviews with Scott! In this Minute review, Scott goes over an important technique for every EMS provider. Watch and learn a great tip on performing endotracheal tube intubation on an anterior patient.

Endotracheal tube intubation

A live saving technique used to open up a patient’s airway, intubation is an important procedure for all EMS providers to know.

In this video, Scott begins by demonstrating the standard structure of a 8.0 endotracheal tube. The tube has a pre-loaded stylet that does not extend beyond the Murphy’s Eye. This is your standard endotracheal tube.

But what happens when the situation isn’t standard? If your patient presents as exceptionally anterior, you have to change the way you administer endotracheal tube intubation.

Rather than the standard means of administering intubation, come in from the side. Next, roll your fingers up. This technique will help to point the tube in a far more anterior direction. While antentior patients make for difficult intubations, this technique will help make the process easier.

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