Scott McConnell, RN, BSN, CEN, NRP, EMS-I, shares stories from the field sent in by fellow EMS providers.

In the EMS profession, stories abound. In this week’s Horror Stories video, Scott recounted another EMS’s experience. While it wasn’t exactly horrifying, it certainly left an impression on the provider.

Responding to a call, the EMS provider who submitted this story entered the patient’s house. To his surprise, he found two patients on the scene – but he saw only one incident to record. The patients were a couple, who had become stuck in the act of coitus.

Embarrassed enough already, the couple readily followed all the instructions provided by the EMS responders.

The EMS crew very carefully put patients on a strecther and into the ambulance. Working on the paperwork on the way to the hospital, they had time to reflect on the odd nature of this EMS story. Thinking of how to record the incident, they listed only one ever for the two patients.

When they dropped the couple off at the hospital, still stuck together, the nurses, too, weren’t sure what to do.

This story brings up some interesting points for all EMS providers.

  • How do you respond in situations when the patients are clearly embarrassed? Remember to give them grace and patience. While you job is ease their physical distress, helping ease embarrassment or any other psychological stressors.
  • How would you respond in situations or symptoms you have never encountered or studied? While facing new challenges in the field is undoubtedly stressful, in the end they’ll help you grow as a clinician.

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