This week’s post isn’t a horror story, just a story from in the field. Scott McConnell, RN, BSN, CEN, NRP, EMS-1, discusses a story from his time in the field in which he and fellow EMS providers helped a pregnant woman going into labor.

An EMS story from in the field

During his time in the field as an EMS provider in Philadelphia, Scott has collected a lot of stories. Some were sad, others more uplifting. This one is the in the latter category.

At this time in his career, Scott’s EMS agency partnered with a local OBGYN service to help transport women in labor to the hospital. One day Scott and his partner took this type of call. Arriving on the scene, they met the mother-t0-be. A 23-year-old woman, she stood in a dress, holding the back of her couch. When asked, she reported her water had not yet broken. But, almost as soon as she had said, her water actually did break.

Seasoned EMS providers with plenty of experience in the field, Scott and his partner didn’t panic. They helped the woman onto a stretcher and into the ambulance.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly. But, as they arrived within sight of the hospital, the woman began crowning.

Sitting in the back with the woman, Scott told his partner what had happened. Pulling the ambulance over to the side of the road, Scott’s partner joined him in the back. Though their was pretty small, they both took their positions. Drawing up on their years of experience in the field, they successfully guided the woman through birth.

With a healthy and happy mother and child, Scott and his partner continued on to the hospital, so the woman could go through the third stage of birth with her OBGYN present.

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