In this week’s video, Scott McConnell, RN, BSN, CEN, NRP, EMS-1, discusses examples of EMS scene safety and why it’s so important.

The importance of scene safety

In this week’s video, Scott told a story about scene safety sent in by another EMS professional. During what seemed like a routine call, this EMS provider got a shock they’ll probably never forget.

After arriving on the scene, the EMS crew began helping the patient in distress. The patient was on the floor of his bedroom. As the EMS helped the patient, his son walked into the room.

The patient knew he needed to go the hospital. But, unknown to the EMS crew, he had something else on his mind as well.

Reaching his hand under the pillow on his bed, the man pulled out a loaded hand gun. The EMS providers were so stunned they literally fell backward, halting whatever care they were giving to the  man. Fortunately, the patient proceeded to give the gun to his son, who took the loaded bullet out of the chamber and removed the rest of the ammo. The EMS then proceeded with care.

This is a great story about scene safety. It’s crucial for every provider to have a comprehensive understanding of the scene when they arrive. While you obviously don’t have time to check for a weapon under every pillow in the house, it’s important to remember that someone may try and hurt you. The EMS in this story were fortunate, but many others have been hurt in the in the line of duty.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s video. Just remember: always practice good scene safety, it’s very important!

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