Finding the right EMS gear isn’t always easy.

We here at Distance CME know that all too well. To help out our friends and colleagues working in EMS, we’ve begun making quick reviews of EMS gear and techniques.

In today’s video, Scott McConnell, RN, BSN, CEN, NRP, EMS-I, and co-founder of Distance CME, reviews the SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet. Take a look!

We all know tourniquets are used to temporarily stop excessive blood loss until a patient arrives at the hospital. The SAM XT makes the application and use of this once complicated piece of EMS gear extremely simple. You can even use it with one hand (as Scott demonstrates)!

Fighting slack in the tourniquet used to be the hardest part of working with this equipment. With the XT, however, SAM has come up with a way to eliminate slack from the equation. When applying the strap, simply pull on it until the buckle clicks. Once you hear the distinct ‘click,’ the strap has been applied properly and you can begin to crank the windlass. This innovation in EMS gear will go along way to stopping bleeds faster and saving more lives.

The windlass also proved very easy to operate. Once you have strapped the tourniquet around the target limb simply crank the windlass until the bleeding stops. You can then velcro the rest of the strap over the windlass, so you don’t leave any extra straps flying in the wind.

Finally, SAMMedical even thought to put in a patch where EMS providers can write the time the tourniquet was applied. A nice touch.

The SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet is a well-made piece of EMS gear. It makes tourniquet application and the cessation of arterial flow an absolute synch.

Thank you very much to SAMMedical for allowing us to borrow this piece of equipment for the review. We did not pay for the product, nor did they pay us to review it.

Until next time, this is Scott and the Distance CME team saying stay safe out there!