Welcome of another of edition of Minute reviews with Scott! In this week’s review, Scott takes a look at a pair of Leatherman Raptors. A popular piece of EMS gear, the Raptors lived up to the hype. Take a look!

Leatherman Raptors, a great piece of EMS gear

A six-in-one tool kit, Leatherman Raptors come equipped with a handful of useful EMS gear. First and foremost, the shears. When you’re in the field, you may need to cut through clothing of various thickness to get to a wound. If you have a pair Raptors, that won’t be problem. The shears are so well built they easily pass the “cut through a penny test.”

Another important feature of the Leatherman Raptors is the seat belt cutter. When you answer a car accident call, you may well have to cut the driver or a passenger out of their seat belt. The Raptors come equipped with a seat belt cutter that easily folds out and back in – helping you make the most of the precious time you have on difficult calls.

Raptors also come equipped with a carbide glass breaker, ruler, and US standard oxygen tank wrench.

Lastly, Leatherman designed the Raptors to easily fold up and fit in an easy to carry utility holster. They’re easy to clip onto your belt when you get a call. In the field, you easily remove and replace your Raptors from the holster. It’s a great finishing touch to a crucial and popular piece of EMS gear.

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Note: Leatherman did not compensate us in any way for this review.