This comprehensive program is designed to help the Paramedic or EMT Student or currently State Certified Paramedic/EMT successfully pass the NREMT or NRP Exam. We are the ONLY Company using this approach. With our mentors we have achieved a 95% pass rate!  We recommend you use our Refresher and give us 30 days minimum before scheduling your NREMT Exam in consultation with your Mentor. Call and ask us why!


A dynamic online assessment tool to help students prepare for exams, Paramedic Review Plus is a series of self-study modules offering practice exams and simulated certification exams using case-based questions and detailed rationales, used in conjunction with your mentor. Content of this Test Prep has been fully updated to align with the National EMS Education Standards and ECC Guidelines, and includes:

• Four 100-question NREMT style practice examinations
• Nine 25-question topical diagnostic exams in all major paramedic modules
• 15 clinically acquired ECG strips for practice
• 20 medication calculation questions

This is powered by the LEADER in NREMT testing Preparation Limmer Creative!


Access to a Mentor to guide you through the entire process. Learn how adaptive testing works and how to overcome it. Here is where a live mentor really helps, where we look at the data from your practice exams and any other previous test results, find out what you know and more importantly DON’T KNOW, then what and how to study. Then, we bring it all together to help you achieve a passing score.