WSB TV Atlanta reported on two private ambulance EMTs who got into a fight yesterday after dropping off a patient in a residential neighborhood.  Seriously?  A fight?   Witnesses stated that the two EMTs started fighting when it escalated to the point that EMT Kyle Lathon allegedly pulled a knife on his partner and then jumped into the ambulance and started driving through several front yards knocking down mailboxes and trees along the way with the second EMT reportedly hanging on the back of the ambulance screaming, “Help me!  Call 911!”  Umm, why did he jump on the back of the ambulance?  The other guy had a knife and then turned the ambulance into a weapon and he jumps on the back of the ambulance?  That is what the police are for.  Police caught up to Lathon and arrested him on charges of reckless conduct and five counts of hit-and-run.  Med Care EMS is refusing to comment for obvious reasons.


I’ve had some partners who I didn’t care to work with, but I never contemplated getting into a fight with them.  And we need to give a special shout out to Lathon and his unnamed partner for giving the news another opportunity to call us all “ambulance drivers”.  We fight to be recognized as health care professionals and things like this just wipe out all of the credibility we have spent our entire careers building.


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Richard Main, M.Ed., NRP, EMS Instructor