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Bundle the CPR and eACLS Course and save!

By combining the the ACLS and CPR courses you save by only having once skills testing session. Also, you only need to order one set of skills testing equipment and only pay shipping once.

ACLS/CPR Bundle/Equipment Package $374.92

How does it work?

  • Enroll and pay for the CPR/eACLS bundle. You will receive an email with the log on information to the online courses.
  • Distance CME will ship to you the Mini AED trainer, BVM, inflatable manikin, printed ECGs, infant manikin, and infant BVM.
  • Log into the course site. Complete the online courses and print out your certificates.
  • Once you have completed the online course and received the testing equipment contact Distance CME™ at admin@distanceCME.com and schedule an appointment to do the webcam skills evaluation. You must schedule the CPR testing and eACLS testing at the same time. Let Distance CME know your name, your availability to do the skills exam(and time zone), and your name on Skype (see below).

What is included?

  • eACLS™ Course
  • CPR online course
  • Mini AED Trainer for skills exam which you keep. Includes adult and child pads. VIDEO
  • Mini Inflatable CPR Manikin One infant and one adult. Video
  • BVM. One adult and one infant.
  • Packet of ECGs for megacode testing
  • Skills evaluation with Distance CME™ instructor by webcam for both eACLS and CPR.
  • Technical requirements: You must have a high speed internet connection with a webcam. the webcam must have a refresh rate that is fast enough so that you can be seen in real time performing the skills by the instructor. You must have a Skype account in order to webcam with the instructor. You can download Skype for free here.
  • Do the skills exam via webcam with the Distance CME™ instructor. You will be required to demonstrate CPR, bag valve mask ventilation, and appropriate management of cardiac arrest and ACS patients. Once you successfully complete the didactic and skills evaluation you will be mailed a eACLS and a CPR completion card by Distance CME™.

To read about CME/CEU credits

ACLS/CPR Bundle/Equipment Package $374.92

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