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Distance CME™, an e-learning specialist, is offering an easier and softer way to complete the National Standard Curriculum 48 Hour Paramedic Refresher. Distance CME™offers a two year membership, during which time paramedics can participate in LIVE online lectures in palatable 2 hour modules. The modules cover both the core and flexible refresher course content, offering medics the capability of satisfying 100% of the required 48 hours without ever having to leave their home or station. The lectures are scheduled to accommodate the busy medic’s varying shifts as well as addressing the needs of medics in varying time zones, even paramedics overseas. All the Distance CME™ instructors are noted subject matter experts in Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical Services. Classes Are Starting Everyday!

This platform is 100%, live, 100% interactive, and 100% online. You can do the ENTIRE refresher course from the comfort of your home or station. Gone are the days of sitting for 48 hours straight in a classroom. Classes are offered around the clock to accommodate varying shifts and time zones.

Our 48 hour refresher has the required Bridge Material and is approved by CECBEMS, you must check with your State or Local EMS office to see if they will accept the bridge program, we can send the course for review to any State.

Distance CME LLC™ is nationally accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services, CECBEMS, provider number DIST2025 Distance CME Certificate of Accreditation. CECBEMS course number for refresher course 11-DIST-F5-0001

Distance CME™ courses are accepted by the Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. Through this recognition the courses are accepted in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, South Korea, UK, and UAE….other countries to be added soon. 

Also offered are CPR, ACLS, Advanced Hazmat Life Support, Toxic Terrorism, Chemical Burns, Critical Care Transport Review, 12 Lead ECG Review, Paramedic Test Prep Course, and Basic ECG Interpretation. Check the Products page for more info.

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