A majority of “EMS Dinosaurs” that have been in emergency medical services (EMS) for over <cough> 20 years <cough> or more got into the industry after having been inspired by watching Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto on the show Emergency!  Those of you that did not have the pleasure of watching the show have probably heard your EMT instructor drum on and on about the show during your EMT training.  Well it seems some fire fighters in Ft. Walton Beach Fire Department related more to John and Ponch, (Google CHiPs if you have no idea what TV show I am referring to.  Better yet, look it up and watch some episodes you won’t regret it!)  Ft. Walton FD just took possession of two Harley- Davidson motorcycles and have launched the Fort Walton Beach Rapid Incident Deployment and Early Response (RIDER) team.


RIDER will be used to obtain faster access to emergency scenes when there is a highly populated function going on within the community.  The motorcycles are equipped with ALS equipment and the fire fighters have spent several months going through operator training to be able to ride safely and navigate tight spaces.  It’s an interesting concept and I am curious to see if it decreases response times sufficiently enough to justify the program.


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Richard Main
M.Ed., NRP, EMS Instructor
Richard has been in EMS since 1993 obtaining his EMT from Johnson County Community College. He lived in Arizona and worked in private EMS and for a fire department in Southern Arizona for 10 years.