12 Children Have Died Locked in a Car in 2016

12 Children Have Died Locked in a Car in 2016

So far this year there have been 12 child deaths in U.S. from having been left in a car.  How is this still happening?  12!!!  How are we so distracted that we forget that there is a child in the back seat?  We are not even to the high point of the summer yet.  West County Fire and EMS in Missouri is launching a “Look Before You Lock” campaign in the yet another attempt to draw attention to the issue.  West County is giving away window clings that have a thermometer in them that demonstrate how fast a car can heat up.  A car’s temperature can increase 20 degrees in 10 minutes and it does not even have to be hot outside.  With a temperature of 60 degrees the inside of a car can reach a temperature of 110 degrees, and when a child’s core temperature hits 107 degrees it can be fatal.


Fifty percent of children who have died from heat stroke in vehicles have been secondary to being left in the car by a parent or caretaker in 1998.  How many more news reports or campaigns do we need to end this problem?  Parents are actively being charged with crimes ranging from negligence up to murder and this still has not been enough of a deterrent!


Safecar.gov recommends keeping a stuffed animal in your car and placing it in the car seat whenever it is empty and to move the stuffed animal to the front seat whenever the car seat is occupied.  You should always take a second to check you vehicle for children before locking it and walking away.


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Richard Main, M.Ed., NRP, EMS Instructor
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